MAAXTV-LN6000HD- 36 months streaming service

Our updated MaaxTV™ OS paired with the new MaaxTV™ LN6000N hardware, make it the ultimate IPTV entertainment device in the market.

Developed with the big screen in mind, all TV programming, video-streaming, apps and games provide and amazing experience.

Watch high quality 1080P/4K videos, movies and live TV in multiple languages. Combined with the MaaxTV™ MARKET you’ll have access to unlimited experiences.

To get the high-quality Smart TV experience, connect your TV with the MaaxTV™ LN6000N device, add high-speed internet (Wi-Fi or Ethernet), and your TV connected experience will start.


Up to Full HD 1080p/4K Quality.

Built in Dual Band 2.4GH/5.0GH Wireless network adapter.

USB Upload.

Applications from MaaxTV™ MARKET.

Bluetooth Remote Control.

The package includes:

 Maaxtv LN6000 HD receiver, remote control, 110/220 V Power Adapter, EU / US / AU / UK (connectors), user guide, Internet Cable, HDMI cable

MAAXTV-LN6000HD IPTV RECEIVER- 36 months streaming service

CHF 349.00

  • 0.3 kg

MaaxTV™ OS based on Android 5.1.1

WiFi:   Built-in 2.4/5 GHz WiFi 802.11 B/G/N/AC


115 X 109 X 25mm.


MaaxTV contains several pre-installed bookmarked internet streams (http, mms, rtmp) from the internet and added on the MaaxTV.
MaaxTV has no control over,i s not responsible for, and makes no representation and warranty and disclaims all liability with respect to, any such streaming link.


MaaxTV offers 100's of Live TV Channels from around the World including Arabic , Turkish and Kurdish.