TVIP V.605 S-BOX 4K Ultra HD

TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV 4K HEVC Multimedia Streamer

The TVIP S-Box v.605  Media Player  is a latest development of TVIP which combines the maximum of technical possibilities and already integrated WLAN. This product meets all broadband requirements set by the provider. In this context, the end user is allowed to use it unrivaledly.


The TVIP S-Box v.605 White console meets all modern requirements for a multimedia device, including support for streaming media, on-demand video (VoD), high-quality digital channels, as well as access to OTT content (YouTube, Picasa, online cinema, weather forecast, social networks and others) and even includes a web browser.


OS: Android 6.0 or Linux


Chipset Amlogic S905X quad core 2 GHz


Video resolution 3840x2160 (HDR)


3D Graphics OpenGL ES 2.0 (Mali-450 penta core)


Memory RAM 1Gb, Flash 8Gb


Interfaces HD, AV, Ethernet, 2xUSB, MicroSD Card, ext. IR, WiFi 802.11 (b/g/n/ac) 2.4/5 GHz


1 year of free service ! 

Subscription extension CHF 140.00 / year


Included in the package:

 1 * TVIP v.605 Media Player.

 1 * Power supply.

 1 * Remote control.

 1 * HDMI cable.

TVIP V.605 S-BOX 4K Ultra HD - 12 months streaming service

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Chipset    Amlogic S905X quad core 1,5 GHz
Video resolution    3840x2160 (HDR)
3D Graphics    OpenGL ES 2.0 (Mali-450 penta core)
Memory    RAM 1 Gb, Flash 8 Gb
Interfaces    HDMI, AV, Ethernet, 2xUSB, MicroSD Card, ext.IR, WiFi 802.11 (b/g/n/ac) 2,4/5 GHz, Bluetooth

TVIP V.605 S-BOX IPTV Media Player was pre-installed with WebTV packages according to customer request.